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About this site

The Open Portal Network of Networks Project is an initiative to facilitate sharing of information and resources among individuals, groups, and networks interested in expanding infrastructures that support human learning beyond present day schools. We have launched a preliminary website at www.openportal.network. Built on the Wordpress platform, we are experiencing roadblocks to active participation by site visitors on that site. We are opening up this site to test and compare the functionality offered by the Mighty Networks platform. Please try out as many features of this site as you can and post your thoughts, critiques, and recommendations. Thank you, Liza Loop, Vision Keeper

What to do here

Explore, contribute, discover like minds. Just start clicking and see where it takes you. Read what others have had the courage to think and share. Add your responses. Many of us believe that the educational systems available to children and adults today do not serve us well. The question is: how do we build something better? This is a space to offer ideas, debate their values, and plan how to implement the ones you want to support.

Your ideas and actions change the world

Human learning and the institutions that support it are too big and too many for any one of us to change alone. But in groups of 10, 50, 500 individuals our impact on global society can be enormous. This network is a tool to get our ideas out of our everyday silos and spread them around the globe. At the same time, it is a way to connect with small groups of people you can work with on a daily basis. No effort is too small, no idea too crazy to add to the flow of thoughts and actions. Participate and we'll make a better world for learning together.


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